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Greek Word Glossary

Glossary of Greek Culinary Terms – From Greek to English

Ahrnaki – αρνάκι – (ahr-NAH-ki) Lamb.

Ahrni Sto Fourno – αρνί στο φούρνοu- (ahr-NI sto FOOR-nou) Roast Lamb “from the oven.”

Ahrni Tis Katsarolas – αρνί της κατσαρόλας- (ahr-NI tees kah-tsa-RHO-las) Pot Roast
of Lamb “in Casserole.”

Ahrni Kleftiko – αρνί κλέφτικο – (ahr-NI KLEF-tiko) Lamb shanks Bandit style slowly cooked in a vegetable-oil-lined white or brown paper lunchbag-sized cover.

Ahrni Psito – αρνί ψητό – (ahr-NI psi-TOH) Roast Leg of Lamb.

Ahrni Sharas – αρνί σχάρας – (ahr-NI SKAH-ras) Butterflied Barbecued Lamb.

Ahrni Souvla – αρνί σούβλας – (AHR-ni SOUV-las) Lamb cooked on a charcoal spit.

Ahrni Vrasto – αρνί βραστό – (ahr-NI vrah-STO) Boiled Lamb.

Alati – αλάτι – (ah LAH-ti) Salt.

Almiro – αλμυρό – (al-me-RHO) Salty.

Amigdala – αμύγδαλα – (ah-MIG-dala) Almond.

Anginares – αγκινάρες – (ang-ki-NAH-res) Artichoke.

Angouri – αγγούρι – (ah-GHOUR-rhi) Cucumber.

Astakos – αστακός – (ah-sta-KOS) Lobster.

Astakos Me Latholemono – αστακός με λαδολέμονο – (ah-sta-KOS meh lah-thoh-LEH-moh-no) Lobster with Oil and Lemon Sauce.

Avgah – αυγά – (ahv-GHA) Egg.

Avgah Matia – αυγά μάτια – (av-GHA MAH-tya) Sunnyside-up (literally means “eggs with eyes”).

Avgolemono – αυγολέμονο – (av-gho-LEH-moh-nou) The best-known Greek soup and sauce; made of eggs and lemon juice as a standalone soup or a sauce for meats and vegetables.

Axhladi – αχλάδι – (ahx-LAH-thee) Pear.

Bakaliaros – μπακαλιάρος – (mbah-kah-lee-AH-rhos) Cod.

Baklava – μπακλαβάς – (mba-kla-VAH) A favorite Greek pastry made of crisp phyllo-pastry filled with nuts, dripping with honey syrup.

Besamel – μπεσαμέλ – (mbe-sah-MEL) Bechamel Sauce; usually based on a hot butter, flour, milk, egg yolk and salt mixture.

Bourekia – μπουρέκια – (mbou-RHEK-kia) Vegetables or meats wrapped in phyllo. Smaller portions are called bourekakia.

Brizoles Mosharisies Sti Skara – μπιζόλες μοσχαρίσιες στη σχάρα – (mbree-ZOH-less mos-sxa-RHI-sies sti SKAH-rha) Grilled Beef Steak.

Celino – σέλινο – (SE-lino) Celery.

Crema – κρέμα – (KRE-mah) Crème.

Dipless – δίπλες – (NDEEP-less) Fried strips of sweet dough pastries sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar, cinnamon honey and walnuts.

Dolmathes or Dolmathakia – ντολμάδες ή ντολμαδάκια – (ndo-lo-MAH-thes or ndo-lo-ma-THA-kia) Lemon-scented stuffed grape leaves. Rolled and filled with a combination of meat, rice, spices and served hot or cold, bathed in avgolemono.

Domata – ντομάτα – (ndo-MAH-ta) Tomato.

Domatosalata – ντοματοσαλάτα – (ndo-mato-sah-LAH-tah) Tomato Salad.

Elies – ελιές – (eel-YES) Olives.

Fakies – φακές – (fah-KYES) Lentils.

Fasolakia Prasina – φασολάκια πράσινα – (fah-sou-LAH-kia PRAH-sina) Greenbeans.

Feta –φέτα – (FEH-tah) Cheese made from goat’s milk with very low fat content. Most prominent of Greek cheeses.

Fides – φιδές – (fee-THES) Also known as fidelo. A very fine egg noodle.

Fistiki – φυστίκι – (fee-STEE-khee) Pistachio.

Floyeres – φλογέρες – (flo-YEH-res) Phyllo pastry formed as a long, flutelike shape filled with delights.

Fournou – φούρνου – (FOOR-nou) oven baked.

Fraoules – φράουλες – (FRAH-ou-les) Strawberry.

Freska – φρέσκa – (FRES-kah) Fresh.

Frouto – φρούτο – (FROO-toh) Fruit.

Galla – γάλα – (GAH-lah) Milk.

Gallactoboureko – γαλακτομπούρεκο – (gallak-tom-BOU-reh-ko) A farina and phyllo-based sweet desert covered with a light lemon-rind mixture.

Garides – γαρίδες – (gah-RHEE-thess) Shrimp.

Galopoula – γαλοπούλα – (gah-loh-POU-lah) Turkey.

Glyko tou koutaliou – γλυκό του κουταλιού (glee-KOH too kou-TAH-lyo) – Literally means sweets. Honey or marmalades often served on a spoon.

Grape vine leaves – αμπελόφυλλα – (am-beh-LOH-fee-lah) Used primarily as dolmathes wrapping, but used for many purposes. Must be picked at the proper stage of ripening, deveined and rinsed thoroughly before cooking.

Halvah – χαλβάς – (hal-VAS) Middle Eastern desert made of ground farina and sesame.

Hirino – χοιρινό – (xhee-rhi-NOH) Pork.

Hirino Bouti Vrasto – χοιρινό μπούτι βραστό – (xhee-rhi-NOH MBHOU-tee vrah-STOH) Boiled Ham.

Horta – χόρτα – (HOR-tah) Leafy dandelion salad.

Imam Baldi – ιμάμ μπαïλντί – (ee-MOM mbal-DHI) Eggplant and trimmings. Legend has it that an Imam (high priest) fainted when served this dish when he discovered the cost of the high-quality olive oil used to make it.

Kafes – καφές – (ka-FESS) Coffee.

Kalamarakia – καλαμαράκια – (kah-lah-ma-RHAK-yia) Squid.

Kalopsiméno – καλοψημένο – (kah-loh-psi-MEN-oh) Cooked Well-done.

Karithia – καρύδια – (kah-RHEE-thya) Walnut.

Karpouzi – καρπούζι – (kahr-POO-zee) Watermelon.

Kasseri – κασέρι – (kah-SEH-rhee) Greek substitute for Parmesan or Romano as a grating cheese but can also be served as a table-cheese.

Kastana – κάστανα – (KAH-stan-yah) Chestnut.

Kataife – κανταΐφι – (ka-tah-EE-fi) A shredded wheat that substitutes for thinner layers of phyllo to make sure that the filling stays in the Pita. Usually soaked in honey syrup and found at specialty shops and finer restaurants.

Kavoúri – καβούρι – (kah-VOU-rhee) Crab

Kebab – κεμπάμπ – (kem-BOB) Small pieces of a cut meat cooked on a skewer.

Kefalaki Ahrnisio – κεφαλάκι αρνίσιο (keh-fah-LAH-ki ahr-NEE-see-yoh) Lamb’s head.

Kefalotiri – κεφαλοτύρι – (keh-fah-loh-tee-RHI) A hard zesty cheese with the consistency of Italian Parmesan.

Keftedes – κεφτέδες – (kef-TEH-thess) Usually a piquant-sized spiced meatball served as an appetizer, but also a larger meat patty served as a main meal. Can also be used to describe a fish patty.

Keftedes Me Saltza – κεφτέδες με σάλτσα – (kef-TEH-thess meh sal-LAH-tah) Meatballs in Sauce.

Kerasia – κεράσια – (keh-RHA-shyia) Sweet Cherry.

Kimas – κιμάς – (kee-MAS) Minced Meat.

Kimino – κίμινο – (KHEE-mee-noh) Cumin seed which is readily grown in Greece.

Kotopoulo – κοτόπουλο – (koh-TOH-poo-loh) Chicken.

Kotopita – κοτόπιτα – (koh-TOH-pi-tah) Chicken Pie.

Kotopoulo Me Skordo – κοτόπουλο με σκόρδο – (koh-TOH-poo-loh me SKOR-doh) Garlic Chicken.

Kolokitha – κολοκύθα – (ko-lo-KHEE-tha) Pumpkin.

Kolokithakia Tiganita – κολοκυθάκια τηγανιτά – (ko-lo-khee-THA-kyia tee-ghan-ni-TAH) Fried Squash.

Koromila – κορόμηλα – (koh-RHO-mi-lah) Plum.

Kouloura – κουλούρα – (kou-LOU-rha) A Wreath of Bread.

Koulourakia – κουλουράκια – (kou-lou-RHA-kyia) A popular traditional short-bread braided cookie rolled in sesame seed and served with coffee as a snack or dessert.

Koulouri – κουλούρι – (kou-LOU-rhi) A Small Wreath of Bread.

Kounelli – κουνέλι – (kou-NEH-lee) Rabbit.

Kounelli Lemonato – κουνέλι λεμονάτο (kou-NEH-lee le-mon-NAH-to) Rabbit with Lemon.

Kourambiedes – κουραμπιέδες – (kou-ram-BYE-thess) Butter cookies covered with confectioner’s sugar.

Kounoupidi – κουνουπίδι – (kou-nou-PEE-thee) Cauliflower.

Kreas – κρέας – (KRAY-ahs) Meat/usually beef.

Kreatopita – κρεατόπιτα – (kray-ya-TO-pi-tah) Meat pie.

Kremidi – κρεμμύδι – (kre-MEE-thee) Onion.

Kremidosoupa – κρεμμυδόσουπα – (kre-mee-THO-su-pah) Onion Soup.

Lahano – λάχανο – (LAH-xa-noh) Cabbage.

Ladi – λάδι – (LAH-dthi) Oil.

Ladera – λαδερά – (lah-theh-RAH) Foods braised and served in oil and/or butter. Very heavy diet. Only the best oils and butters should be used. This is not a course of foods for people with digestive issues, young children or the elderly but because of its excellent taste and aroma, will be tempting to risk indigestion.

Lemoni – λεμόνι – (leh-MOH-nee) Lemon.

Loukanika – λουκάνικα (lou-KAH-ni-kah) Sausage or Hot Dog.

Loukoumades – λουκουμάδες – (lou-kou-MAH-thez) A sweet fried dough honey-puff dumpling dipped in honey, served best hot and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Mahlepi – μαχλέπι – (max-LEH-pi) An unusual spice of an indescribably unique taste found in specialty spice shops.

Makaronia – μακαρόνια – (mah-kah-ROHN-yia) Macaroni.

Mandarini – μανταρίνι – (man-dah-RHI-ni) Mandarin

Manitári – μανιτάρι – (mah-nee-TAH-rhi) Mushroom.

Magheritsa – μαγειρίτσα – (mah-yeh-RHEET-sah) Easter Soup made with morsels of tripe floating amid hot egg-and-lemon broth.

Mayoneza – μαγιονέζα – (mah-yo-NAY-zah) Mayonnaise.

Mavrodaphne – μαυροδάφνη – (mah-vro-THAPH-nee) A sweet dessert wine which is widely available.

Mbamyies – μπάμιες – (MBAH-myez) Okra.

Melitzanes – μελιτζάνες – (meh-lit-ZAH-nes) Eggplant.

Melitzanosalata – μελιτζανοσαλάτα – (meh-lit-zah-noh-sah-LAH-tah) Eggplant Salad.

Miala – μυαλά – (mya-LAH) Brains, usually of Lamb.

Miala Me Lathoksitho – μυαλά με λαδόξυδο – (mya-LAH meh lah-DOH-ksi-thoh) Brains with Oil and Vinegar.

Milo – μήλο – (MEE-loh) Apple

Misopsiméno – μισοψημένο – (mee-sops-si-MEN-noh) Cooked medium.

Mizithra – μυζήθρα – (mee-ZEE-thrah) A salty, mild cheese that comes in both hard Parmesan density and creamy soft forms.

Mosxhari – μοσχάρι – (mos-XHA-rhi) Veal.

Moussaka – μουσακάς – (moo-sah-KAH) Like Lasagna but variations using eggplant, zucchini, squash, potatoes or artichokes (or a combination of all) instead of pasta to create the shelved layers between meats and spices.

Mythia – μύδια – (MEE-thya) Mussels.

Mythia Tiganita – μύδια τηγανιτά – (MEE-thya tee-ghan-ni-TAH) Fried Mussels.

Mythia Yemista – μύδια γεμιστά – (MEE-thya yeh-mee-STAH) Stuffed Mussels.

Omó – ωμό – (oh-MOH) Cooked rare.

Ouzo – ούζο – (OU-zoh) This very mystical clear aniseed flavored liquor turns milky white when mixed with water and ice.

Paidakia tis Scaras – παïδάκια της σχάρας – (pie-THA-kia tees SKAH-rhas) Broiled Lamb Chop Steaks.

Pantespani – παντεσπάνι – (pahn-tes-PAH-nee) A Greek sponge cake.

Pastes Sardeles – σαρδέλες παστές – (sar-DEL-less pas-TESS) Salt-packed anchovies often served with olive oil and vinegar.

Pastitsio – παστίτσιο – (pas-TEET-chew) Greek lasagna.

Patates – πατάτες – (pah-TAT-tess) Potatoes.

Patatosalata – πατατοσαλάτα – (pah-tah-toh-sah-LAH-tah) Potato Salad.

Paximadia – παξιμάδια – (pah-xi-MAH-thya) A variety of sweet biscuits and cookies served with tea or coffee.

Peponi – πεπόνι – (peh-POH-ni) Melon.

Pipperi – πιπέρι – (pee-PEH-rhi) Pepper.

Phyllo – φύλλo – (FEE-loh) A strudel-like, tissue-thin as onionskin, flakey pastry dough used to wrap and cover many Greek dishes.

Pilafi – πιλάφι – (pee-LAH-fee) Cooked rice.

Portocalia – πορτοκάλια – (por-toe-KAH-lia) Oranges.

Psari – ψάρι – (PSAH-rhi) Fish.

Psari Plaki Sto Fourno – ψάρι πλακί στο φούρνο – (PSAH-rhi plah-KEE sto FOOR-nou) Baked Fish from the Oven.

Psari Vrasto – ψάρι βραστό – (PSAH-rhi vrah-STOH) Boiled Fish.

Psomi – ψωμί – (psoh-MEE) Bread.

Renga – ρέγγα – (RHEN-gah) Smoked herring.

Revethia – ρεβύθια – (reh-VEE-thyia) Chick Pea.

Rigani – ρίγανη – (RHEE-gah-nee) Oregano or often pronounced Riganato.

Rizogalo – ρυζόγαλο – (rhee-ZOH-gha-loh) Rice Pudding.

Rothakino – ροδάκινο – (rho-THAH-kee-noh) Peach.

Salata Horiatki – σαλάτα χωριάτικη – (sah-LAH-tah hor-YIA-tee-kee) Country Salad.

Saltsa – σάλτσα – (SAL-tsa) Can mean sauce, gravy or appetizer dip.

Skordo – σκόρδο – (SKOR-thoh) Garlic.

Skordalia – σκορδαλιά – (skor-thal-YAH) Garlic Sauce.

Siko – σύκο – (SEE-koh) Fig.

Sikotakia – συκωτάκια – (see-koh-TAK-yia) Liver.

Souvlakia – σουβλάκια – (sou-VLAH-kyia) A kebob of lamb and/or assorted meats most-often roasted over charcoal.

Spanaki – σπανάκι – (spin-AH-kee) Spinach.

Spanikopita – σπανακόπιτα – (spah-nee-KOH-pee-tah) Spinach Pie.

Sparagia – σπαράγγια – (spah-RHA-ghi-ya) Asparagus.

Stifado – στιφάδο – (stee-FAH-thoh) A cinnamon-spiced tomato sauce containing boiled onions and beef broth.

Tarama – ταραμάς – (tah-rah-MAS) Carp roe.

Taramosalata – ταραμοσαλάτα – (tah-rah-moh sah-LAH-tah) Carp roe salad.

Taramokeftedes – ταραμοκεφτέδες – (tah-rah-moh-kef-THE-thess) Tarama Patties, sometimes floured or breaded.

Tiganites – τηγανιτά – (tee-gah-nee-TAH) Refers to a fried version of a food, usually in olive and/or butter.

Tonos – τόνος – (TOH-nos) Tuna.

Tsipoures – τσιπούρες – (tsee-POOH-rhes) Porgies.

Tyri – τυρί – (tee-RHI) Generic word for cheese.

Tyropites – τυρόπιτες – (tee-ROH-peetes) Cheese Pie.

Trahanas – τραχανάς – (trah-xha-NAHS) A noodle used in soups.

Tzatziki – τζατζίκι – (tsah-ZEE-kee) Yogurt, cucumber & garlic salad.

Tziyerosarmas – Τζιγεροσαρμάδες – (tsee-ver-rho-sahr-MAH-thess) Liver, usually from Lamb.

Verikoko – βερίκοκο – (veh-RHI-ko-ko) Apricot.

Vissino – βύσσινο – (VEE-see-noh) Sour cherry preserve.

Vissinada – βυσσινάδα – (vee-see-NAH-tha) Sour cherry preserve mixed with ice water as a cool Summer drink.

Voutiro – βούτυρο – (VOU-tee-roh) Butter.

Xtapothi – χταπόδι – (kta-POH-thee) Octopus.

Xtapothi Vrasto – χταπόδι βραστό – (kta-POH-thee vrah-STOH) Boiled Octopus, usually with lemon and oil.

Yavros tiganitos – γαύρος τηγανιτός – (GAV-rhos tee-gah-nee-TAH) Fried Anchovies.

Yavros marinatos – γαύρος μαρινάτος – (GAV-rhos mah-rhee-NAH-tos) Marinated Anchovies

Yiaourti – γιαούρτι – (yah-OOR-ti) Yogurt.

Yemista – γεμιστά – (yeh-mee-STAH) A food that is stuffed with a meat or vegetable filler.

Zampon – ζαμπόν – (zam-PON) Ham.

Zamponotiropita – ζαμπονοτυρόπιτα – (zam-pon-noh-ti-RHO-pi-tah) Ham & Cheese Pie.

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